20/08/2021 Skills Pages

Every skill has a set of Stats that Improve (and in some instances reduce) the success in performing critical and nom-critical actions in a Players turn. Below is an example

The Islander 21 ‘should’ be ready within the next week. Here’s a preview of Page 1

Ilanthor Region Map Updated

I’ve amended the map to reflect some slight discrepancies in names, and also to show GATE VILLAGE being where it should be. For scale, Gate Village is about 12 miles away from The Town of Ilanthor

Sample Turnsheet

Here’s an example of a Turnsheet for the game – Its a PDF form which a player populates with actions they wish to perform. Actions can be as simple as buying something, or as complex as detailing how they will carry out a cunning plan. Unlike most PBMs (and because The Isles is hand-moderated and an RPG) orders are written in plain text by the player.