Just updated the Map of the Star Isle with better labelling. This overview map of the whole of Starran shows where Ilanthor is in the context of the entire island


Catching up with new Maps and Plans // 26th April 2021

Beggars Mansion re-draw. After a good three weeks of non-stop processing of turns I’ve got a few days where its quiet. Players appear to be stepping back and taking a few breaths to wait for the dust to clear after some seriously big events in the game. I’m on my second phase of re-drawing thirty year old maps and the next to benefit from a polish-up is the infamous Beggars Manson, deep within the woods on the Miners Road. The main road, ruins and Way House should exactly mirror the old plans, with a few additions including the itinerants camp.

We’ve had a decent expansion in player numbers over the last month after actively recruiting new people on Twitter and Facebook. Take-up on the PBMnet forum’s been pretty low (close to zero) so in the meantime we’ll be concentrating on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date info and news as well as increasing our ‘Of The Isles..’ features that a lot of people seem to like tacked onto their turns”


If anyone wants a decent overview of other PBM games that are still running I’d suggest searching for playbymail.net and have look at both their Forums and their PBM Wiki

News: Trouble on the Holloway

“When events occur within the game that would in real life quickly spread as rumours, we will usually tag these rumours to the end of players turn in a graphic, informative way. This keeps players up-to-date what is going on in the wider world. Here’s a graphic highlighting the ongoing and developing threat of war with the Caldoen Clans that occupy lands to the west of Ilanthor” Roy

Sample Turnsheet

“Here’s an example of a Turn sent out to a Player in The Isles. The turn includes a graphic of a location the player is currently at, and also includes hand-written story-like prose to give a narrative and feedback as to what has happened and what the Character sees and does based on the actions in the Turnsheet that the player has submitted” Roy