Startup Material

Below are the three files you will need to start playing in The Isles, as well as a few extra resources.

Download this amendable PDF to create your Character – Read the Game Guide and then fill in the blanks on the Form before returning it to The Isles email address at

Download the Game Guide : Character Creation module to learn about creating a Player Character in The Isles – You’ll need this to fill in the Character Creation Sheet

Download the Game Guide : How to Play for guidance and information relating to how you start to play a Player Character in The Isles

A short Guide to Ilanthor, the Town where you Character will be starting

A Map of the area in which your new Character will start

A sample turnsheet produced in PDF format to give new players an idea of what kind of results and in what kind of format they will receive

A Map of the Isle of Starran, also called the Star Isle. The Merchants Guild of Ilanthor can be seen on the western side of the Island, remote from other Towns and Cities.